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My name’s Ian and I currently live in Liverpool, UK. Several years ago my friends selfishly decided to start marrying and reproducing, with the result that any long holidays I wanted to take were now solo adventures.

Never having been a fan of flying and as someone who’s always loved rail travel, I started using the Eurostar from London to Brussels and on to places like Amsterdam and Cologne. Since then I’ve started exploring more far-flung European destinations by train such as Barcelona and Prague, and I’ve found the train journeys as much an enjoyable part of the holiday as the cities I visit. It’s certainly a far more relaxing and civilised way to travel than a cramped short-haul flight.

I started this site in May 2018 as a way of recording my trips around Europe before too many of the brain cells get killed off by Belgian beer and French wine. If anyone visiting the site finds ideas and inspiration for their own European rail adventure, I’ll be delighted. If you have any questions about the articles I post please do comment or send me an email.

All the experiences I describe and photos you see on the site are mine. I’ve tried to include as much useful information as I can about the places I visit and the train journeys involved to get there. However this is more of a travel journal than a resource for planning your trip. The superb seat61 website is the best resource out there for everything relating to European train travel – I’ve found it invaluable.

I hope you enjoy the site – I’ll be updating it with new trip reports, articles and photos on a regular basis.

Happy travels!


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  1. Hi Ian, nice to meet you. We embraced the train as a better way to travel around Europe too. We did a great trip from Taormina in Sicily where the train actually goes onto the ferry to cross into Italy. Look forward to following your travels….

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