An Italian Adventure

In August 2019 I’ll be travelling by train from North West England to Sicily and back, spending a fortnight in Italy and visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world. I’m a tad excited.

The itinerary is below, I’ll add links to the posts when I’ve published them.  The whole trip including trains and hotels cost less than £1200 – this includes some first class travel, solo occupancy of sleeper cabins and independent hotels in the centre of cities or overlooking the sea. Booking months in advance and doing lots of research gets you some real bargains!

Saturday 24th August – train to London Euston, Eurostar to Paris and then the Thello sleeper train from Paris to Venice, where I’ll stay for two nights

Tuesday 27th August – train to Rome where I stay for two nights

Thursday 29th August – Italian sleeper train from Rome to Siracusa, Sicily.  I stay there for one night and then spend the next night in Taormina

Sunday 1st September – train from Taormina to Naples, where I spend one night

Monday 2nd September – visiting Pompeii, then get the boat from Naples to Ischia, where I spend three nights

Thursday 3rd September – boat to Naples and then train to Verona, where I spend one night

Friday 4th September – catch the evening Thello sleeper from Verona back to Paris

Saturday 5th September – arrive Paris in the morning, lunch and then Eurostar back to London and my train home.


4 thoughts on “An Italian Adventure

  1. This sounds like an amazing trip, can’t wait to hear what you get up to! I’m a fellow train travel fan, I think the sights and the chilled vibes vs. flying are a winner, and it stops us being so focussed on the destination and gets us to enjoy the journey too. Have you done a sleeper train before?

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      1. Absolutely, a dream! I took a sleeper train from Lisbon to Bilbao, and the concept of waking up in a different country and time zone was just crazy! And it’s just an efficient way of travelling, at least you’re not wasting hours of your day travelling.

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  2. fabulous and just tad jealous. We’ve done the leg from Taormina to Naples where the train actually goes on the ferry across to Italy – such a fantastic journey. Taormina Station is beautiful as an added bonus. Let me know if you find some sunglasses, lost the second pair of the trip on that train.


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