Day 14 – Paris to London…and a review of my holiday

The 12.11 Eurostar to London ran on time, with another very quick breeze through security at Gare du Nord, and a friendly guard let me catch an earlier than booked train back from London to Liverpool. There’s not much else to say about the final day of my holiday, so I thought I’d add a few thoughts on the holiday as a whole, and why it was the best solo trip I’ve been on so far.

Links to all the blog posts from the trip can be found here.

TRAIN JOURNEYS – £400. Other than a couple of local trains, these were all booked at least 3 months in advance, and the vast majority were first class, usually for only €10 or €20 more than standard. The trains were on time with the exception of the two journeys on the French TGV.  My first experience on a high speed train in Italy from Florence to Milan was a very good one, but of course the highlight (and the best railway journey of my life) was the local train from Tirano to St. Moritz.

HOTELS – £700. Other than the 1 night stays in Paris and Tirano, which were £50 budget hotels, I booked rooms in 3 or 4* hotels for around £80 a night on average. Again these rooms were booked in advance at the same time as I booked the train tickets.  The Hotel Italia in Rapallo with its balcony and view over the castle and beach was my favourite, closely followed by the frescoed ceilings of the apartment in Florence.

SPENDING – I spent roughly the same amount again as the cost of hotels and train fares.  This was mostly on drinks and food with occasional extra costs such as entrance to the Uffizi in Florence and the boat to Portofino.

THE ROUTE – not to blow my own trumpet but… oh sod it I will…everything worked out even better than I planned. I got to experience so many different cultures and ways of life. The decadence and coastline of the Côte d’Azur, the beautiful buildings of Florence and the mountain air and breathtaking scenery of The Alps.  But it was Rapallo that was the biggest surprise and possibly my favourite destination of the whole holiday. The hotel overlooking the castle, swimming in the sea under the hot sun, the boat to charming Portofino and enjoying the evening aperitivo in the cafes of the little town.

My longest solo holiday has also been my best – I’ve got so many memories and I packed in so much in a little under two weeks.  I’m already thinking about my next trip in Easter 2019 – possibly to southern Spain – but it’ll have to go some to beat this one!

If you have any comments or questions about any part of the holiday please do let me know by adding a comment below, and if you haven’t already, follow my blog by clicking the links at the bottom of the page …

One thought on “Day 14 – Paris to London…and a review of my holiday

  1. Sounds absolutely amazing! You had a complete adventure in some stunning places.A fabulous opportunity for reflection too.envious X


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