Paris, Nice, Rapallo, Florence, Tirano, St. Moritz, Paris

August 25th 2018 is the date my longest European train trip so far begins.  I began planning the trip a few months ago, and wanted to visit as many new places as I could.  I settled on a route that took me via Paris to the South of France, into Northern Italy and on to Florence, then back to Paris via the Alps (and the amazing Bernina Pass railway line).

My itinerary is below, I’m going to add a post for each day of the trip – links to each day are below.

Day 1​  Sat 25 Aug​ – London to Paris

Day 2​  Sun 26 Aug​ – Paris to Nice

Day 3​  Mon 27 Aug​ – Nice

Day 4​  Tue 28 Aug​ – Nice

Day 5​  Wed 29 Aug​ – Nice to Rapallo (near Portofino)

Day 6​  Thu 30 Aug​ – Rapallo

Day 7​  Fri 31 Aug​ – Rapallo to Florence, changing at Pisa

Day 8​  Sat 1 Sep​ – Florence

Day 9​  Sun 2 Sep​ – Florence

Day 10​  Mon 3 Sep​ – Florence to Tirano (Italian Alps), changing at Milan

Day 11​  Tue 4 Sep – ​Tirano to St. Moritz

Day 12​  Wed 5 Sep​ – St. Moritz

Day 13​  Thu 6 Sep​ – St. Moritz to Paris via Zurich

Day 14​  Fri 7 Sep​ – Paris to London by Eurostar

2 thoughts on “Paris, Nice, Rapallo, Florence, Tirano, St. Moritz, Paris

  1. That sounds great mate, hope you enjoy the Bernina express going the other way (note: Tirano is a bit of 1 horse town but there’s a couple of places to eat and drink that are ok.) Have a great journey look forward to the posts!


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