Frankfurt to Paris by TGV

A few days in Frankfurt in April 18 was followed by a night in Paris, and I made my way between the two cities in a French TGV train.

The journey takes under four hours, and I got a ticket for £70 in first class by booking several months in advance.

It’s a very quick train, most of the route in Southern Germany is on standard network, but when crossing into France the train runs on the TGV-Est high speed line, which whisks you to Paris (Gare de L’Est) non-stop at incredibly high speed.

The train is a duplex TGV and I reserved a seat on the top deck – the scenery isn’t spectacular but it’s very pleasant, especially when skirting the Black Forest – and you get a much better view on the top deck.

First class on a TGV gets you complimentary drink and snacks (ie. tea and biscuits) but for anything more substantial you need to pay.  The steward takes your order and brings your meal to you at your seat.

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