Pouring down in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city – it’s a lot more pleasant when you’re not peering out from underneath an umbrella as the rain lashes down though. I visited here in July 2016 after arriving from Berlin on my 40th birthday trip – unfortunately the weather was awful and I didn’t get to see the best of Prague.

My hotel was a wonderfully old-fashioned 4* place called Deminka Palace between the station and Wenceslas Square – and I had bagged a suite for an absolute bargain, £140 for two nights. After dumping my bags and inspecting my living quarters (it had a mezzanine level and a patio area – I’m not used to such luxury!) I headed down to the hotel bar where I was handed a free shot of some kind of local spirit that tasted foul but definitely had an enlivening effect.

Shot of unspecified and potent liquid

I wandered down towards Wenceslas Square marvelling at the beautiful buildings and ducking into pubs to escape the rain. I tried to avoid the tourist trap bars and found several tiny pubs down back streets that were great fun. I staggered home (what was in that shot?!) a few hours later and fell quickly to sleep, hoping for better weather the next day.

Near Wenceslas Square

Well, it was slightly better but not great as I headed down to the old town and ran into (not literally) a couple getting married on the main square. Next I crossed the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava river and a had a very healthy (!) lunch at a café next to one of the canals that flow into the river. It was then a long walk up the steps to Prague Castle, from where there were some great views over the city (when the sodding rain stopped for a short while). I bumped into the newlyweds again there having some photos taken – felt sorry for them, you couldn’t ask for a prettier place to get married but the weather was awful.

A much less strenuous walk down from the castle and a few beers and meal in the evening and that was me done with Prague before catching an early morning train to Munich.

I think it does prove just how much weather can influence your enjoyment of a place – I did enjoy myself and Prague looked beautiful but it would have so much nicer on a sunny day or a crisp dry winters morning. I will just have to come back again and pray for blue skies.

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