Munich to Strasbourg via Stuttgart

Feeling surprisingly ok after my birthday celebrations in Munich, it was time for the next leg of my birthday trip – to Strasbourg. Again this was a first class journey, and on-board a German InterCity Express for only 10 euro more than a standard class ticket. This is often the case if you book far enough in advance.

The ICE’s are very sleek and comfortable, especially in first class where you get more legroom and complimentary drinks and snacks. The journey involved a quick change of trains to a French TGV in Strasbourg, and as the train was held up somewhere in the middle of Bavaria for 20 minutes, I was panicking that I’d miss it. Fortunately unlike my home country of England trains seem to be run for the benefit of passengers, so when we arrived in Stuttgart the TGV was on the next platform and had been held awaiting the ICE’s arrival.

The journey from Munich to Stuttgart was very pleasant, much of it on tracks winding high above lush valleys and passing through pretty villages, with stops at a few of the larger towns and cities. Similarly the onward train from Stuttgart was equally pleasant, passing through the Black Forest countryside before you cross the Rhine river which separates the small German town of Kehl on the right bank with Strasbourg in France on the left.

Strasbourg station

Strasbourg station is very impressive, the old station building enhanced by the addition of a modern glass canopy over the concourse. It wasn’t just the station that impressed me about Strasbourg either…

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